Anne: “Actually everything went pretty much by itself. I went to the same high school as my friends. We then did the same study, which my father also did. After my studies it seemed logical to work in the profession in which I was educated, tax law. But I noticed more and more that I did not get any satisfaction from it. Every day I came home exhausted. The idea that this would continue for years to come. I did not want to think about it. But to just quit, I thought that was too big a step. I wanted to have a plan, to know a direction about the work that makes me happy.

A friend informed me to this online test. I hesitated. I love doing tests, but the online talent and quality tests that I had done so far did not help me. They were so superficial. I missed the depth I was looking for. At one point I just did it, filled it in and sent the form.

After a few days I received the report via email. The analysis results were: tension and service. The homework questions in the report already gave me an idea why this came out. For the exact explanation it was nice that there was a telephone appointment. So I fully understood why I got so tired from the work I do, and what I have to do to keep my work fun and get energy from it.

It makes me happy when I can contribute to something so that people are initially self-serving and experiencing relaxation. For example, by standing up for themselves or guarding their own boundaries. I do not do anything with that in my current work. For me this was very valuable information. I can work with this. I accept that I am still doing this work for now, but I am going to investigate further in how I can do work that fits with these points. Maybe I should take another course. And working on myself anyways in order to be able to make my own choices.”