William: “I started my job as a consultant about 15 years ago. I was good at my job, made a career quickly and had a lot of fun. This changed a few years ago. I am getting tired faster and faster. I wonder what exactly I am busy with in terms of work, what meaning it has. I have to drag myself to work. I’m really struggling. Still, I find it difficult to just think about what I want to do. But also exciting, in fact I now know exactly where I can be in a number of years. The partnership is on the horizon.

Through the company I occasionally get appointed a coach. Quite nice conversations and insights, but that does not change anything. I accepted that it is as it is. But I really started to feel that I had to make other choices. I also want to sleep well again and get up with the feeling of wanting to go to work.

A colleague of mine had also requested this online test. She was enthusiastic. The application was easy and it was promised that the analysis results go beyond the tests on talents or motives. I thought, what is there to lose, when I sent the form.

The answer was surprising. The analysis results were: guilt and dignity. I could relate that to my first ten years of life and what I had inherited from it when it comes down to work. How I can relate and change them into work that makes me happy, that became clear to me in the personal conversation on the phone.

I’m making a plan-the-campaign about my next career step. I already have discussions about this internally. The perspective of a different type of job alone makes me feel excited about going to work again!”