Intention of Being, signals, algorithm, how does that make sure that something valuable is being said about your work. You can read how that works below!

Intenten of Being
Helma Lieberwerth, founder of the Intention of Being and the guiding methodology Quaning: “Every person has something unique to contribute to the benefit of others, and also for the benefit of themselves. That is what I call your Intent of Being. At your birth, you were given the longing to contribute. You have been given a body that fits to that. You have received talents that enable you to manifest your Intention of Being right from the very beginning. And, you are born in an environment where you see, hear and experience things in the first 10 years of your life that prepare you for what you can contribute to from your Intention of Being.

Throughout your life you get signals from which you know whether or not you are living and working from your Intention of Being. These signals ensure that you can be aware of the area in which you have something to contribute. For example, you feel angry, grumpy, frustrated, tired or things are slowing down or you keep on being in doubt. Often you hardly notice that these types of signals contain messages for you which you can use when it comes to giving meaning to your work. Sometimes they are so subtle that you miss the essence of it. We use an algorithm for that, so that we quickly understand the theme that matters, and we indicate how this relates to your Intention of Being.

Intention of Being profile
The analyses made for you are processed in a Intention of Being profile. This all happens manually and is personally done for you.
We use the algorithm to create the analyses. This happens on a stand-alone computer. We do not collect big data! It is a statistical calculation done for you personally. In the software we create a profile of you, based on the personal information you have provided. With the algorithm we create the statistical calculations so that it becomes clear what it is that you do not yet do in your work to experience meaning and what work should consist of for you to make you happy.
We process the analysis results into a profile sketch, which you will receive via e-mail within a week of your request. In the week following we discuss the results in a telephone appointment.

For the record:
We only use the personal data and digital photo you provide to create the analyses with the algorithm and in the Intention of Being profile you receive. You give permission for this if you apply for the Intention of Being profile.