Miranda: ” For years I have been working as a marketer with a financial service provider. Another reorganization was happening. It was very exciting whether I could stay again this round. Fortunately, it was the case, but it became very clear to me that I am better off ensuring that I myself remain in control of my work. The jobs in the financial sector are no longer up for grabs. I therefore orient myself on my next career step. I prefer to do work that gives me energy. Now often I come home so tired. I am also done with that.

I was googling career development when I came across this online test. I was curious, but also found it exciting. Nevertheless, I applied for the analyses. I received the report in a few days. My analysis results were: polarization and gender. The interpretation in the report put me on a certain track, the telephone conversation gave me even more insight.

For me it is so clear now that I need a job where I contribute to the elimination of the differences between women and men at the workplace. I can do that in various functions, with the knowledge and experience that I take with me. Meanwhile I am looking for a different job that meets these conditions. The options that I have are looking good. I cannot wait until the time will come! “