Your Intention of Being – Working from who you are, that is what you prefer. That makes you happy. This will make you burst with energy. You contribute to something meaningful, which makes you and the people around you happy. You do not experience your work as work, but as a way in which you shape your life. Too good to be true? No, it is possible!
If only you knew what you are meant to do. If you know your Intention of Being, as we call it, and can work from within that.
We help you with getting more clarity about your Intention of Being!

“The next reorganization is coming on,
what to do?”

 “I know what I have in terms of work,
but I am so tired.”

 “Should I do this work for
my whole life?”

They already received their Intention of Being profile!


Do you also want to know which themes play for you that make that you do not yet do the work in which you really experience meaning? Do you also want to know what part of your work should be different so that you experience meaning, energy and flow? Then order your Intention of Being profile!

We only need a few details from you to make your Intention of Being profile. You can complete your application form in a few minutes.

Using the algorithm we then create two analyses for you. One about working from your Intention of Being and one about working when using your talents. Via email you will receive an Intention of Being profile with your analysis results, how they relate to your Intention of Being, and we offer you a number of questions so that you can do some self-examination. In the week following we have a telephone conversation in which we discuss the results with you. Read more…

Personal analysis, self-examination and telephone conversation for only € 149.95 including VAT!

For €149.95 I received an Intention of Being profile which value cannot be expressed in money!”